Important do’s and don’ts when looking to buy Instagram followers

When it comes to making the decision to do everything you can to get more free Instagram followers, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to buy them in bulk – provided that you know exactly what you’re doing!

When you make the decision to get your hands on as many Instagram followers as possible (we’re talking about thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions with just a few clicks of a button – and a minimal financial investment), you’re going to be able to:

  • Dramatically improve your online celebrity and visibility in your market or niche
  • Gain expert status faster than anything else, which gives you more influence in that market or niche
  • Never have to worry about having a “dead” Instagram account that people will not trust
  • And enjoy all of the benefits above without having to lift a single finger of your own!

At the same time, there are a couple of things you should do (a number of things you NEVER should attempt) when it comes to making this important investment and we’ve broken down the critical components below.

You can build strategies to get free Instagram followers for sure, but it’s faster to buy them.

Let’s dive right in!

Do buy Instagram followers from a reputable service

The most important thing you can do when making the decision to invest in Instagram followers is to purchase them from a reliable and reputable source and service (like the one that we operate).

After all, you’re going to want to do everything you can to keep your personal and private information personal and private – and should never have to give up secure details about yourself or your account when making this kind of purchase.

On top of that, you’re going to need to use a company and service that understands the value of discretion. Unless you’re using a rapid will service you can trust, word might leak out that you artificially influenced your Instagram numbers – which can have a disastrous impact on your operations.

Always buy Instagram followers from a service you can trust!

Don’t buy Instagram followers in bulk without running a test

Though it might be tempting to buy as many Instagram followers as you possibly can the first time out (especially when they are so cheap), you’re going to want to first flood your account with just a few thousand – maybe 10 or 15,000 to get started – before you buy in bulk.

Not only will you better understand the actual purchasing process and how long it takes (on average) for you to see results, but you’ll also be able to determine just how many paid or free Instagram followers you want to push towards your Instagram account.

Mix purchasing packages of followers with getting free Instagram followers, and you’ll be good to go!

Do buy Instagram followers to improve your online celebrity

There are a lot of different reasons to make the decision to purchase Instagram followers, but you’re going to want to focus on improving your online celebrity (at least in the early stages).

Business today is all about who you know as well as who knows you, and having an active social media profile like Instagram with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers is going to give you that extra boost of online celebrity you would not have had otherwise.

You are going to be shocked at the amount of business opportunities and personal networking chances you get to take advantage of when you are determined to be an “online celebrity” – doors just kind of seem to open up on their own when you have a ridiculous amount of paid or free Instagram followers under your belt.

There are other perks of course to buying Instagram followers, but this is definitely one of the bigger ones!

Don’t buy Instagram followers that aren’t 100% real or authentic

Unfortunately, there are a handful of services out there that are willing to sell Instagram followers that aren’t 100% real or authentic – but are instead “robots” that artificially pump up your follower numbers without any real substance at all.

This is can be dangerous and disastrous to your online profile, as your customers, clients, and business partners – as well as complete and total strangers – will be able to tell that you bought Instagram followers.

When you use a service like our own, each and every one of the Instagram followers you invest in our 100% real and 100% authentic. If (for any different number of reasons) someone clicks on that Instagram follower – any Instagram follower – they will be brought to a real, authentic, and actual Instagram account.

This is just another layer of credibility that we build into our service.

Do buy Instagram followers on a routine and regular basis

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are buying Instagram followers is ordering a single package one time and flooding their account with new followers in a 24 hour timeline – never adding more followers later on.

Not only does this look a little bit on the suspicious sign to anyone paying attention to your Instagram account, but when you start to snowball real Instagram followers they’ll wonder why you aren’t growing as fast as you probably should be.

Order Instagram follower packages on a regular basis of anywhere between a few thousand and a few hundred thousand, and you’ll be able to keep your costs low while still giving off the appearance that your growing at a considerable rate.

Don’t buy Instagram followers and then forget about improving your social media activity

You also can’t make the mistake of believing that your Instagram followers determine how valuable your Instagram account is. While they definitely make up a big chunk of your Instagram accounts value, you’re still going to need to maintain an active social media profile on the service to get the most out of these results.

Don’t “set it and forget it”, or you’ll end up wasting a lot of leverage in the process.

Do buy Instagram followers from a service like ours

If you’re ready to invest in high quality Instagram followers that are almost automatically added to your account shortly after payment is confirmed, you’ll want to make sure you get free Instagram followers if you buy Instagram followers from a service like our own!